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Ways To Improve Alexa Rank

Ways To Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa has long been known as a significant provider of statistics relating to web traffic on the Internet and depending on who you speak to, the importance of its ranking system is either significant or does not warrant that much attention. In regard to assessing the importance of a particular website or webpage online, Google Page rank is an important metric. However, many webmasters want to know how they can improve Alexa ranking as well. 

Ways To Improve Alexa Rank
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Ways To Improve Alexa Rank


Any system that provides an accurate indication of how many people actually visit a webpage or a website has much value in the online world. Thus if you really want to improve Alexa rank, you must understand how this company goes about gathering information. Fundamentally, you need to have an Alexa toolbar installed on your computer before information can be obtained. While the output represents a valuable picture, it is the only representative of a relatively small portion of the Internet world in general.


For many, it can be a goal to be seen as within the top 100,000 websites. Alexa provides quite a lot of information on their website about such sites, including graphs depicting visitor levels and so on. While many dispute the authenticity of the program, it is still true to say that a low ranking is seen by some as a measure of prestige, prompting webmasters to improve Alex's ranking as much as they can.


Some critics of the program point to the fact that a large number of people who install an Alexa toolbar are involved in the process of search engine optimization and associated areas. As such, the critics say that the entire philosophy is skewed and that it is not representative of the Internet as a whole. Regardless, there are certainly ways that you can improve Alexa ranking, although your overall result will still depend on traffic to a certain extent in any case.


Draw people's attention to the existence of Alexa by signing up with the company and then downloading a widget that you should display on your website. If you have a WordPress blog, there are plug-ins available which will enable you to do the same thing. Once you have downloaded the toolbar and installed it, either as an extension on Internet Explorer or Firefox, you will automatically start to improve Alexa ranking.


By interacting with people who are in the same line of business as you, especially if this is Internet marketing or search engine optimization, then you will automatically start to build your site's position and improve Alexa rank. You should try and get everyone who visits your website to download the toolbar or extension and make sure that you sign up and display your URL as often as possible on webmaster or Internet marketing forums.


Fundamentally, you should always ensure that the information contained within your site is pertinent anyway. This is rule number one for optimization as it is, but if you provide great information on the Internet marketing subjects all the time, your traffic levels will naturally increase and your associated Alexa ranking will go down.


Whenever you are presented with ways to improve your website's position or credibility, always look at these very carefully. If you are new to the Internet marketing arena, do not be afraid to seek out the advice of experts who can tell you based on their considerable experience what you should do. Internet marketing membership sites are great sources for these forums as well as a lot more additional information. Do not be tempted to adopt questionable techniques such as "black hat" methods of redirecting and auto surfing. You do not want to risk your site's credibility when trying to improve your position in front of advertising networks.

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