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Ranking Or Traffic – Which One Comes First

Ranking Or Traffic – Which One Comes First

Ranking in major search engines and traffic is the main parameter of success in online business. Traffic is known as the visitor number of a website. If you have a website involved in online business then you will be well familiar with these two terms. The ranking is the actual position of the website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing on a specific keyword or search phrase. As high rank, your website gets in SERP as traffic increases. This is the main thought that made it important to ranking for online business entrepreneurs.


Ranking Or Traffic – Which One Comes First.
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Ranking Or Traffic – Which One Comes First.


Each search engine has made its own rules to rank a website in SERP. These SEs have disclosed some parameters on the basis that you can get a high rank in a particular search engine. Google, Yahoo, and Bing give importance to some common factors like original content useful for visitors, etc. There are some other factors that use to check the quality of the webpage means title, Keyword, and description. Search engines have added some advanced parameters for example “Website speed” and “latest content” in its existing list. Therefore SEO companies are giving more preference to it. These are few examples of parameters that decide the ranking of a website.



Traffic (the crowd on the road) exists in the online world and known as visitor number. The number of people who visit a website is traffic. It plays a vital role in the success of the online business. More traffic on a website means more business. So, it is also a key player for online business entrepreneurs who have to wish to get new heights in the online business world. It is not easy to invite each and everyone who is a member of the online world. As everyone has separate purpose of an online presence. In such a situation targeted traffic is useful for you that might be interested in your services, products or anything that is offered by your website.



It is a big question for everyone who has a website that ranking is important or traffic. It varies website to website and type of online business. If you have a knowledge based website then ranking may be first choice for you. As most of the people use search engines to find websites, blogs and other sources related with their search term. Search engines shows good websites which are packed with useful information about the search term. So, your prime focus should be ranking. On the other hand, if you are providing services or selling products through the website then traffic should be the main concern. It is not important that from where traffic is coming while targeted traffic would be the main priority.  



Thus ranking and traffic are two-wheel of a bicycle to reach on the destination in online business. Ranking and traffic both are important but you should decide that which one is your front wheel and which is the rear. You can get desirable success if you understand the importance of these two. Facebook is the most favored example which is a leading social networking website with billion of visitors. It shows the power of traffic..

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