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Using BackLinks To Success

Using BackLinks To Success

what are backlinks

Building up backlinks through article marketing are one of the ways that we generate traffic to our web pages and I find it one of the easiest to build your business. 


Using BackLinks To Success
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Using BackLinks To Success

Yet most people don't take advantage of the potential of article marketing by building up their backlinks. To be honest, not everyone knows how to start! Here are some simple ways to let you utilize backlinks to your advantage. 

How to create backlinks (step by step)

1. Submit Your Articles to Directories 

Don't be satisfied with submitting your articles to just one directory! That will only give you a single backlink. Submit them to as many directories as you can. You can find these directories by using your search engine. If each one is published, this will give you another valuable backlink. This takes a little time but is worth every moment spent. However, you could look into specialized article submitter software if you want to splash out a little cash 


2. Use as Many Backlinks as You Can 

Some of the article directories will allow up to three backlinks, although the majority allow at least two. Try to use your allowance, as each will help push traffic to your site. One way to do this is to link straight to use the main website, then use another to a related article of yours or a particular page. In this way, you get double exposure



3. Use Keyword Rich Anchor Text 

Anchor text is the blue underlined text that links straight back to your website. These are the words that are used as the link itself. This anchor text plays an important part in the value of the backlinks as the search engines will associate your website with the keywords 

Using these methods will help you get the most out of your article marketing. You should aim to maximize each and every article you write by cashing in on these important backlinks. In this way, you will also be maximizing each minute you spend on your article marketing, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your online business.

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