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How To Make Article Marketing Work For You

How To Make Article Marketing Work For You

Article marketing works it's true! This fact has been proved by many internet marketers in a large variety of different fields over the course of the last few years. 

How To Make Article Marketing Work For You
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How To Make Article Marketing Work For You


So, why do some people believe that article marketing is more difficult than it actually is? Until you try it, keep an open mind and I think you'll find you'll pleasantly be surprised. 

how to write an article

Ok, so firstly, you need to write your article. This first and obvious step is the one which most people panic over but even if you don't think you have a natural ability to write, you can still produce an article worthy of submission. These three steps will help you get going: 


Decide on your topic 

Research your chosen topic and make notes 
Write your article, making sure you include a title, good content, and a resource box 


Your readers will want quality content so keep them interested until they reach the end of your article you want them to hit the resource box! 


Your resource box is vitally important to your article marketing. This box simply contains information about yourself and should also have the all-important link to your website so that your readers can click to find out more. You can also add your email if you want or a link to a newsletter. This is your opportunity to get subscribers to your list! 


The next step is to get your article published, firstly to ezine publishers and then to as many article directories as possible. The idea is to get the article viewed by potentially as many people as possible. Submitting many articles manually to the vast number of article directories takes a lot of time but this is time well spent. There is software available that can be used to submit your articles automatically if you want to invest in this, but to start with, submitting them manually will suffice. 


To sum up, here are the powerful tips that will help your articles get as much exposure as possible: 

how to write a good content for a website 

Use Keywords 

Make sure your title and your opening paragraph contain popular keyword phrases, which people will be searching for on the internet. If you always stick to this rule, then you've done 90% of your work! 


Submit your articles to EzineArticles first! 

Ezine is the cream of the ezine directories, so it's important that you submit to them first


Make sure that your title is keyword rich 

Write a unique title and then search for this title in quotes. If your results are not in the millions, then you have a good chance of hitting the first page on a search engine results page! The best keywords consist of 4-5 words, known as long tails


Really utilize your Resource Box 

The whole point of your article is to inform your reader and then get them to click through to your website. This is why you should make sure that your resource box contains all the relevant information that really sells your website! This is your chance to make your mark, so use it wisely and strongly. 


Have a go at writing some articles and submit them; see if you notice a surge in traffic to your sites!

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