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Best 5 Tips to Organize Your DropBox

Best 5 Tips to Organize Your DropBox

Dropbox, one of the prominent cloud storage services is a close competitor of Google Drive, OneDrive,  and many others. The service is widely acclaimed by users located around the world for its easy to use interface and simple functionalities. Dropbox also holds some special place in the queue of cloud computing services as it allows the developers to come up with their own apps and services. It is actually something more than just a file storage system as you can easily use this tool to backup and organize important files and documents that might be scattered across all over the web. For making optimal use of this service, you should start syncing all your favorite videos, music files, important documents, scanned papers, and other related things to the utility.


The storage capacity of such services won’t let you think before what you’re actually saving on your account. But remember, the more stuff you sync, more complex it will be to organize them. Cloud computing helps you to stay connected across multiple PCs, Windows, Mac, or Linux, irrespective of their brands and locations. An account on cloud can soon becomes a platform for saving all your important details, data, messages, and others. As you keep on saving your files on the account, it becomes very difficult to manage the whole chunk of waste mails or files that aren’t needed anymore.


In this article, you’ll read about the best 5 tips that can help in organizing your Dropbox, thus making it more presentable and easily accessible.

Best 5 Tips to Organize Your DropBox
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Best 5 Tips to Organize Your DropBox


Tips to Organize Your DropBox

Clean up by naming folders year-wise

Some of you might not feel productive with Dropbox as it saves all the stuff in a combined form. Having a set of folders named by year, or by purpose can resolve this issue easily. Many times you’ll find yourself lost and digging through files while looking for a particular email, but this method of naming mail folders by years can immediately alleviate that stress. Just create some folders and name them as 2018, 2019, 2020 and put all those files inside those that were created in that particular year. Additionally, you can also create sub-folders and name them according to the name of the months in which the stuff was stored.


Now if you need for a file, look for it in the particular year folder or maybe in a subfolder named by the current month. Get more organized by using this technique as it will clearly take you to the exact location or content which you need to access. Many people will necessarily go for this technique while looking for a separation strategy for their music, audio, video files from completely professional docs and mails.


Upload, don’t sync

File-syncing services can only sync your data to the virtual world, but that doesn’t mean if you’ve synced a batch of files, so you can delete them from your computer. Dropbox clearly follows your lead in context to what you do with your data. Hence, if you delete files from your PC, it will also delete files from the cloud.


The easy solution of this issue is to choose uploading files instead of syncing them from your system. By doing this, you’ll be able to create a true second copy of your data and then you are also free to delete the first one, located on your device. To enhance the usability of this tool, simply log into the Dropbox website via a browser and create a new folder naming it as ‘Online Only.’ Keep all that stuff that you wish to delete from your PC in this folder and then wipe off all the stored data from your device.


Sync iTunes

Dropbox can also be used to sync iTunes libraries to different devices for sharing it with your friends, family, and relatives. But the most crucial stage is when you move files away from iTunes' default location, the tool will get confused and will not be able to fetch up the desired results. Follow the below mentioned step to sync iTune correctly:


Start on your PC, ensure you have Dropbox installed on it, and then create a folder naming it as Music. Now, look for the music files located on your device:


Mac users: go to /Users/username/Music/iTunes/.

Windows Vista, 7, and 8 users: go to C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes

Windows XP users: go to C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\

Once you’ve located the music files on your system, drag them into the Dropbox’s Music folder and wait till the files are fully synced. Check the Dropbox icon that indicates the process progress, a yellow light indicates still syncing while a green says you’re done. If you’ve got the green indicator, then reroute iTunes to play music from this new location. All you need to do is to go to ‘Preferences’ section and click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Change the location of the iTunes from your music folder to the new Dropbox Music folder to start enjoying your favorite music.


Downloading directly to Dropbox removes duplication

Several free websites offer services that will help you in creating little automations for your digital life. Users often submit files for other people to use, and will also help you to download new music from Soundcloud. All these downloaded files will be marked as a favorite into your Dropbox account and you can easily listen to them whenever you want to. Always remember that this feature works only on songs that have a download option.


Share photos, share moments

This free service lets share your favorite pictures and memories with your friends, colleagues, relatives and family by making use of its simple sharing features. You can easily share photos that you don't want to post on a social network or private photo portal such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Flickr. You can also use this tool to save photos that you upload on Facebook and photos in which you are tagged on Facebook. Alternatively, sync your camera to Dropbox by making the use of ‘Camera Upload’ feature, which will automatically upload any photos that you take from your Smartphone to your account.


Cloud storage services are the best option for users who deals with a lot of files, images, videos and other stuff on a regular basis. Of course your system cannot hold each and every file on which you’ve worked, so you might need an external server that can keep up all your data secure and private. Dropbox can be easily used as an ideal solution for storing all your important files, documents, music albums, videos, and personal pictures. The above mentioned ideas are tested and will help you stay organized and productive across your multiple computers, but don’t hesitate in experimenting with the new ones that has just arrived in your mind.

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