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Tip of the Day : About Me Page

Tip of the Day: About Me Page

Today’s tip is about allowing people to find out about you, to let readers have the opportunity to at least find out a little about your online persona. For this reason “about me” pages have become very popular. It can be a virtual window that will allow your readers to gain a little insight about the background of the blogger. “About Me” pages don’t have to be along the theme of your blog, use it to show the readers the real you. I was reading something on JohnTP that got me started to think about this.


Tip of the Day  About Me Page
Tip of the Day  About Me Page

Who reads About me pages?

Obviously, there isn’t any point in having pages on your blog that people are not going to read. Last month on one of my other blogs I saw that 3% of my visitors check my “about me” & “contact me” sections. Now, this is enough to tell you that people are reading up about their authors and they are interested in finding out their quirks and possibly contacting you.

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What to put on the About Me page

Give your topics some sort of headings, and try and keep to keep it all organized. It’s important that you personalize your page, don’t visit a friend or a random blogger, and ‘borrow’ their layout and format. So once you have your layout, think about interesting things that people may not know about you (i.e. the fact you have kids or you’re still in school) from reading your posts. The page doesn’t need to have tons of information, I’m sure people aren’t interested in your weight (unless your blog is about dieting ;)).

Don’t forget to mention your RSS feed service if you have one. A person reading your “about me” page is already interested in you, so put in a link at the end of your page (I’ve just updated mine to reflect this tip). So either give the link to your feed or if you have a help page about subscribing, link that.


If you have a contact form, or you have an email the address you want to share with readers, you should also include this on the page.


If you want to solicit advertisers this would also, be a good place to give details of what is possible to advertise on your blog.


Updating The Page

Try and keep things current, I do make an effort to give my page a quick once over at the start of every month. This is just a quick read every now and again to see if I could phrase anything better.

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