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This is Why You Should Link to Other Posts

This is Why You Should Link to Other Posts

If you don’t link to other bloggers’ post, well, you’re selfish. Lol but seriously, if you do, you’ll help your fellow bloggers out and networking is always good; but more importantly so is the traffic you get while you’re linking to them.


As a lot of you guys know, I’ve been trying to do a weekly roundup to post links on interesting articles I have stumbled across through the blogosphere. I did this to help gain exposure to fellow bloggers, hopefully they’re notice and realize I’m trying to network and help them out with the intent they might return the favor one day and of course, it gives some pretty decent traffic on top of that!

This is Why You Should Link to Other Posts
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This is Why You Should Link to Other Posts


You get traffic from linking to their posts?


If you guys didn’t know that, you’re definitely missing out. I decided to start the weekly roundup as a mini experiment on how much traffic I can get from simply linking to other blog posts.


The stats aren’t as accurate as I’d like but it’s more of an estimate anyways. Since I started doing the weekly roundups, I’ve gotten a little more than 400 visitors from the blogs that I have linked to.


You’re probably asking how? And if you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyways. Well, it’s simple. You want to link to various blogs that has the pingbacks enabled on their comments. Once it is on there, anyone else commenting thereafter will see the pingback with a quick summary of your post and as the stats show, there are people interested enough to check it out.


Again, the stats are just an estimate, especially the fact that I only had three Weekly Roundups prior to yesterdays. I also figured I’d implement this strategy on another blog which is fairly new and doesn’t get too much traffic. And I linked to one pretty popular blog and in less than a few hours, I ended up getting 30+ visitors from that one site.


Here some quick tips that may help if you’re considering this method:


- Make a catchy title of phrase around the link because most, if not all, pingbacks give you a quick summary which people will see and if it’s interesting enough in their eyes, there’s another visitor for you!


- Make sure the blog has the pingback links in the comments. Every blog is different, some have pingbacks separated from the comments, some have it embedded like it’s just another comment and some, well, simply don’t have pingbacks displayed. Keep that in mind.


- Link to high traffic blogs. Now, I personally link to blog posts that I actually read and like whether or not they get tons of traffic or not. Of course, the more traffic the blog gets, the more exposure you’ll get.


- Try to be one of the first pingbackers. First, I don’t even know “pingbackers” is a word but I just made it up so whatever. But let’s say you’re one of the first comments/pingbacks displayed, every a single person that reads the post will see your pingback/comment as well.


All and all, we want to build our readership, don’t we? And on top of that, you’re reading their posts and think it’s good so why not show some love? It helps the blog owners, the blog readers, and an added bonus, it helps you gain some more exposure to readers you may not have had.


And no, this is not shameless. We’re all in it to help each other out and that’s exactly what we’re doing!


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