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Taking Advantage of Holidays to Make Money Online and Build Traffic

Taking Advantage of Holidays to Make Money Online and Build Traffic

Just like the latest trends, holidays are things you should be taking advantage of annually. And with that said, Thanksgiving is here and of course, Black Friday! 


For those of you guys that celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving! And for those that do not, at least eat all the traditional foods, especially if you’re going over to someone else’s house and eating for free! 

Taking Advantage of Holidays to Make Money Online and Build Traffic
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Taking Advantage of Holidays to Make Money Online and Build Traffic


But with that said, all online entrepreneurs should (and most already do) take advantage of holidays to make some extra cash as well as build tons of traffic to their sites via search engines. And here are a couple of things you can/should do. 


Take the Hottest Deals and Benefit From Them - If you don’t know about Black Friday, well, it’s probably the craziest shopping day throughout the U.S. Essentially, Black Friday is the day for the best deals for products and the cheapest deals you can find. I mean, people wait in lines for hours before stores even open. This is where you can use it to your benefit. 


We’ll start with taking the hottest deals and how it can help you with tons of traffic. First, you find a hot product that everyone wants to buy. You can simply do this by going to any of the major store websites. We’ll use as our example. 


Once you go to, right on the frontpage it shows what’s for sale. If not, you can also try clicking on their weekly ad sales to see other products. But since it was just Black Friday and Thanksgiving, they still have the holiday sales on there. 


Since I know that Blu-Ray players have become a big deal within the past month or two, everyone is trying to get it for cheap. What you do is find the exact model that is on sale through and simply blog out it, build a couple of links and you’re almost guaranteed more traffic based on that. 


Essentially, you’ll be taking advantage of the holiday traffic and since everyone is in their holiday shopping mode (and wanting to save); they’re trying to save money or find out more information on those products. 


Affiliate Marketing with Targeted Products – It works the same with affiliate marketing because you’re essentially promoting a product that someone would be interested in. 


But not only for hot items like Blu-Ray players or anything, you also have to remember that people travel a lot during the holidays. There are a lot of travel campaigns out there and I’m sure everyone is trying to find the cheapest airplane tickets so use that to your advantage when picking out your affiliate marketing campaigns. 


In addition, this is probably the best time to take advantage of, Flipkart, and other advertising networks that promote products. 


Build Adsense Sites or Landing Pages for Products – Some people may think this isn’t really worth doing because with holiday products, they are only hot for a certain period, but you’re wrong… well, somewhat. 


If you build an Adsense site for a specific product, you want to make sure that won’t be the only version of it. For instance, say you build an Adsense site around Blu-Ray players, well, that obviously is going to be the next big thing which also means there will be plenty of Blu-Ray models, designs, gadgets, etc for them. 


So, not only will you have to do minimal maintenance work for it, your traffic will be automatic because people will always be searching for those products and more importantly, we all know search engine traffic = money! 


If you need help, you can read how I build my niche websites or create landing pages with WordPress. 


Those are just a few things you can do to take advantage of. The holidays are just one thing, but you shouldn’t stop at that. I only used holidays as an example because we all know it happens every year but if you keep up with the latest trends, you should have no problem using that to your benefit. 


Let me know if you have questions!

Taking Advantage of Holidays to Make Money Online and Build Traffic Taking Advantage of Holidays to Make Money Online and Build Traffic Reviewed by Ankit Saini on December 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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