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Search Engine Traffic = More Money (Seriously this time!)

Search Engine Traffic = More Money (Seriously this time!)

The other day I wrote “Search Engine Traffic = More Money and More RSS Subscribers” but I only mentioned how search engine traffic can increase RSS Feed subscribers (even though some people were simply distracted by the pics of Beyonce), well, let me write about the making more money part of it. 


Search Engine Traffic = More Money (Seriously this time!)
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Search Engine Traffic = More Money (Seriously this time!)

Before I continue with how search engine traffic can make you more money, for the record, after I wrote the first post about how search engine traffic can help gain more RSS Feed subscribers, I implemented that strategy on a few posts with popular keywords and I have gained about 35 e-mail subscribers excluding ones counted for my current Market Leverage Nintendo Wii contest. 


Honestly, I think most of this stuff is self-explanatory but if there are a lot of people who still have no idea what RSS Feeds are then there must be a lot of people who have no idea that search engine traffic is what helps bloggers make money. 


First, let’s start off with Google Adsense. I think a majority of bloggers rely on Adsense ads to make money from their blogs, yet, some of those same bloggers complain why no one clicks on their ads. Do you know why? It’s because those people do not get search engine traffic. Or at least not enough. 


If you think about it, your fellow readers most likely aren’t the ones who will be clicking on those ads, it’s the people who end up on your site looking for something specific. The ones that were in search for something to begin with. Of course if they don’t find what they’re looking for, those ads are right there to entice them to continue their search without going through the search engine process all over again. 


I continually see people questioning why they only make $0.02 a day from Adsense but they supposedly get thousands of visitors a day. When people say stuff like that, more than likely they only know how to get traffic from social media sites like Mix, Digg, etc. 


Guess what? People from social media sites don’t click on AdSense ads. And if they do, more than likely they hate your site so much they’re trying to get you banned from Google. 


That brings me to the next part; referred traffic isn’t too appealing to potential buyers for your site(s). If you intend on selling your blog/site/forum in the near future, make sure you have lots of search engine traffic. And the more you do, the more money you make, the more you can sell your blog at a higher price.


Most potential buyers want to do minimal work to make money with the sites they buy. For instance, if you need to submit your posts to social media and bookmarking sites every single day to keep your traffic up, more than likely you’re not making much from your site to begin with, and more than likely you won’t get much for your site. I mean, buyers want that steady flowing traffic already coming in, and that’s where search engine traffic comes in.


The social media and bookmarking traffic will eventually, die out.



Wouldn’t you rather have 1,000 search engine visitors in which some will click on your ads and make you money or have 1,000 Mix visitors who won’t click on your ads and probably get together to try to get you banned?

Search Engine Traffic = More Money (Seriously this time!) Search Engine Traffic = More Money (Seriously this time!) Reviewed by Ankit Saini on December 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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