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How to Create Content For Your Blog

How to Create Content For Your Blog

Your blog obviously needs content. The question is what kind and how do you create one that’ll propel your blog to success?


Don’t scrimp when you create content for your blog 

Put as many posts on your blog as possible. By having lots of articles on it, you provide value to your readers and that’s going to help you establish authority. In effect, it will drive massive traffic to your blog and eventually push it on top of search engines, which can increase traffic even more.

How to Create Content For Your Blog

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How to Create Content For Your Blog


Create content for your blog 

It’s challenging to create content for your blog. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a breeze. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort. That’s why you really need to have your head in the game. 

Building a blog is no joke. It’s serious business and if you want to make money from it it’s crucial that you plan your content strategy. 


How to create content for your blog 

Pillar content, also called evergreen content, are articles that are relevant no matter what the season is. That’s why they’re called pillars. They are the foundation of your content marketing strategy. 


They provide relevant information. Compared to ordinary posts, they provide a more in-depth look at certain topics, which is why most pillar articles are tutorial-like. 


When writing pillar articles, you need to make sure that they can provide value to your readers even after several months or years. This type of content is awesome because it can drive traffic to your website (and even lead to conversions) even when you’re no longer actively working on your blog. 


It pays to look at different blogs first and see what their pillar content looks like. 


Let’s say you’re looking at a finance blog called FinanceTipsforStudents, pillar posts are those that have titles like: 


Money Tips for College Students 


How to Grow Your Money Even While Studying 


Ways to Avoid Going Broke 


Judging on the titles alone, you’ll know that they are relevant and informative–two characteristics of pillar articles. These can boost traffic for your blog even after several months. 


Now, how do you create pillar articles? 


Research–a lot. These go beyond 500 words and they’re packed with information readers need. Think of all the possible questions your readers may have and answer them all in your article. Leave no stone unturned. 


Pick the right keywords. Pillar articles need to be highly optimized so they can stay at the SERPs a lot longer, which means more long-term traffic. 


Write in a casual, friendly manner. Be conversational. That’s how you establish relationship. But don’t forget to still sound authoritative and credible. 


Use less jargon and technical terms. Unless you’re writing for a very specific audience, like mechanical engineers or paleontologists, avoid using technical terms because they confuse people. Use simple language. In case technical terms are necessary, explain them in layman’s terms. 


Organize. Make sure that they’re not cluttered. Readers won’t stay long if your whole post is one long text. Break up paragraphs, use bullets, and use headers. Everything has to be easy for your readers.


Use images and graphics. These add appeal to your articles and can lure more readers. 


How many pillar articles should you write? As many as you can. 


More articles provide more value. 


So there you have it, really simple tips on how to create content for your blog. 


Next time we’ll be talking about the blogging habit and how to stick to it

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