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Here’s How I Do Keyword Research

Here’s How I Do Keyword Research

Everyone has their own way of doing keyword research and we all know how much keyword research can make a difference with our SEO, so I figured I’d show you a little bit on how I do my own keyword research.


As a lot of you guys already know, I own quite a few sites and for some reason that list keeps getting longer and longer each week. I swear I’m buying a domain name every week but that’s mainly because if I get an idea or a great opportunity that I think will help me in the near future I’m going to run with it.


Here’s How I Do Keyword Research
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Here’s How I Do Keyword Research

For instance, I would hate to second guess myself on something and beat myself up a short time later when someone else swoops in to steal my domain name and idea and make thousands off of it. I mean .COM domains only cost around $6.00 USD so you’re not wasting much.


Now, this is kind of how I do my keyword research but it all depends on which site I’m trying to do it for. I’m just going to go over the basics so I can generalize it so any niche can do this.


Finding the trends: 

Finding the most popular trends that’s going on now can drastically improve your traffic, for the short term as well as the long.


For example, when Iron Man the movie came out, everyone was interested in the Iron Man Spoiler, especially because there was a scene at the very end of the credits. Personally, I’ve gotten thousands of search engine visitors from that keyword alone. Though, that was only temporary because everyone eventually found out what happened (the movie was extremely popular).


A few things you can use to look up are popular trends are Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz which one shows popular search terms per day and the other shows the top 10 searches by hour.


Finding the Keywords:


Once you find the hot trends that you would like to write and optimize with, you want to check the various keywords to work with. What I like to use is the SEObook Keyword Tools which is extremely helpful. Let’s stay with the Iron Man example for this one. If you type in “Iron Man” you’ll see an entire list of different variations of Iron Man keywords that are highly searched for (see screenshot below – you can click on it to make it bigger). 


ironman seo tools keyword


Once you find out the keyword that suits your needs, click on the Google Trends button to see if there’s a graph. If there is, you can if it’s still being searched for and at what point in time it was the most popular.


google trends of ironman


Finding out how much competition and if you should bother with the keyword:


Once you find out the new trends and the keyword(s) you’re going to use, now you want to check whether or not it’s really worth it. We all know getting on the first page of a highly searched keyword is our main goal, but the ultimate goal is to try and get that first spot.


This is how I look at it, if there is too much competition for a keyword then that requires you to do a lot more work to get ranked on the first page so unless you’re an SEO expert, it’s almost not worth it.


What I do is simply Google the search term “Iron Man” and see how many results show up. If there is anything over one million, then it would be pretty hard to get the top spot. Anything less than that, you have a pretty good chance on getting on the front page (or even the top spot).


Though, based on “Iron Man”, there are about 73 million results for that (see screenshot below) so unless you are an SEO expert it’s not worth it. And if you are an SEO expert, you wouldn’t be reading this post to begin with!


ironman google search


But this is a generic way of doing some keyword research. Let me know if you have questions.

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