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How To Prepare Yourself Before Writing an Article


Do you prepare yourself to the best before you start to write an article? Have you ever noticed that your articles come out to be great if you write it at the time of maximum productivity? And have your ever wished to write all your articles like that?

Bloggers and article marketers wish to write top quality articles. As a blogger and freelance writer, I feel that writing top quality content is the best way to start earning more money and become more popular. So how do you write quality articles?

You would have had days when whatever you wrote on your blog, turned out to be great. There should have also been times when you didn’t get that touch and your blog posts didn’t come out the way you wanted it to.

How to get back that Midas touch you had? Following the method I have listed below, you will, 90% of the times, be able to write top notch articles.

How To Prepare Yourself Before Writing an Article
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
How To Prepare Yourself Before Writing an Article

I follow the same method and this is my favorite way to prepare before writing an article.

1. Get Away From Your Computer

The first thing you should do is “get away from your computer”. By sitting long hours in front of computer, you are limiting your brain to think innovatively, unless you are spending time playing chess in computer or browsing anything that uses your brain. If you sit in front of your computer, you will get tired and unproductive. Start moving away from your computer. Don’t sit for a long time at a stretch. It would be better if you start working out everyday for a one hour or so.

2. Listen To A Motivational Audio

Download some motivational audios or buy CDs. Load it to your iPod or mp3 player or whatever you have. Don’t play it in your computer. The main purpose of listening to motivational audios is to get yourself motivated to work hard and also to spend some time away from your computer. Motivational audios push you to think hard. It pushes you to work hard. You can get the inspiration that you badly wanted for becoming productive. It is a great resource and you can always tap into it. Whenever you are feeling unproductive, listen to a motivational audio.

3. Imagine How You Will Be After The Article Is Published

This involves your mind to the maximum extent. Imagine how you will be, after the article gets published. Create images in your mind. If you can, draw the picture that you see in your mind. Do you see yourself getting interviewed by people for a creative post that you wrote? Or do you see yourself watching your blog getting tons of traffic from social media sites like stumbleupon? Draw it in a notebook or write them down. This will help you to work hard and make your blog posts better.

4. Relax

Your mind is 90% prepared now. Before you start writing the article, relax. Take a walk. Drink water. Sit down in a calm place for a couple of minutes and take some deep breathe. Don’t let any unproductive things to enter your mind. Close your mind for things that won’t help you in writing the blog post. Allow only those ideas that will help you in making your blog post better.

You are done with preparing your mind. Take a notebook and jot down your main ideas for the article. After doing this, develop each and every point into a paragraph.

This is the way I prepare my mind for writing a blog post. How do you prepare your mind before writing an article? Please share your views in the comments.

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