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History of Blogging

History of Blogging

If you don’t know what blogging is until now then most probably you’ve slept under a rock for the last few years.


It’s so famous than it even plays a very important part in world politics because people all around the world search and read news and information on the web.

History of Blogging


All this has a long history in time. Nowadays blogs online are a common method that many people use but before that there were many ways like email lists and Usenet and commercial online services such as: CompuServe, BBS, Genie and BiX making the rules on the Internet.


Until 1990, WebEx was the first company supporting running conversation.


Topical connections were used as “threads” and everything resembled a lot with the Mass Observation project developed in the 20th century.


Back in 1983 Brian Redman developed the mod.ber and at first, he and his partners wrote articles on threads and postings published on the Internet. It was just like a blog because they used almost the same writing style. At the end of each text they attached a link to other interesting place signed by other blogger. But all this lasted for almost eight months.


After that blogs became online diaries where people presented parts or events from their personal life. The authors were considered to be escribitionists, journalers, diarists and journalists.


These days, journal communities are very important online and Brad Fitzpatrick is known to be the first blogger in the world. Together with him there were Jerry Pournelle and Justin Hall.


In 1994, there was a live blog that used an EyeTap device and wearable computer and combined together video, pics and text.


Steven Gibson and Stephen Heaslip were the first bloggers ever hired in February 1997 by Ritual Entertainment. And all this evolved from the plans of John Carmack that is a game programmer famous for publishing a journal through 'finger protocol'.


Blogs were inserted on individual homepages and corporate sites and very often they contain information and news. The best example is probably the Drudge Report founded by a maverick reporter called Matt Drudge.

The Institute of Public Accuracy started back in 1998 to post one-paragraphed news weekly together with Tongue-in-cheek by Kibo.


Now, blogs are a new class online publishing because they use modern and advanced tools for writing, posting and taking care of web articles. In time this has turned into a popular method. Hosting services for blogs developed a lot these days and some companies even developed blog software such as: WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, LiveJournal and so on and so forth.


On the other hand, you should know that P.Merholz was the first person to ever use the term blog. At first it was a shorter version of web log - “we blog” and only later it was adopted as a noun and a verb. In other words, “to blog” means to post or to edit a weblog.


In the last few years, blogging became so important that even politicians use it to keep in touch with their electors. You can influence one’s mind and for some people that’s a great feeling.

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