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How to Get More People to Read Your Blog : 5 Siple Tips

How to Get More Readers on Your Blog

Whenever you write a blog post, you always have this feeling that it will attract a handful of readers. However, after you hit the publish button, you don’t see any results. This could easily wipe away your motivation to keep writing and make you feel depressed. But that doesn’t mean that you need to learn your fundamentals in writing again. Perhaps, what you need is to know how to format your content.

How to Get More People to Read Your Blog : 5 Siple Tips
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How to Get More People to Read Your Blog : 5 Siple Tips


1. Create a Reader-friendly Content

One thing to engage your readers is to make your content reader-friendly. Break your entire posts into a number of paragraphs so that you can simplify a complex idea. Feature one idea for every paragraph and make it short. Three to five sentences for every paragraph will do. Otherwise, it will bore your readers to death.


2. Format Your Content Strategically

Depending on what your blog post wants to convey, you have to format your content strategically. Add emphasis by italicizing or bolding important concepts. However, you don’t need to highlight everything, as it is as good as highlighting nothing. Just put important on the main idea so that your readers will be able to scan it and pick up your concept.


3. Use Compelling Subheads

Another way to put emphasis on your idea is to use compelling subheads. This also makes your content reader-friendly, as it breaks down the general ideas and the complex points of your posts into simple sub-ideas. Subheads also act as “mini headlines” that keep your readers engaged and moving through the rest of your content.


4. Create Bulleted or Numbered List

Just because you’re writing a blog post doesn’t mean that a bulleted or numbered list no longer works. It actually attracts readers because it can create fascination to your audience who cannot resist. It can be scanned easily and presents multiple points or ideas with just a couple of words. They also look different from the rest of your content, giving it a visual break.


5. Make It Short and Concise

Of course, what encourages a reader to check out your posts is its length. When they see that your entry is a lengthy one, it usually turns them off and leaves your blog in a jiffy. That’s why it’s important to make your content short and concise. If you can’t help it, perhaps you can break it down with multiple posts. That way, you can entice your readers to come back for more.

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