10-Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic in 2021

10 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic

Traffic is the most important thing that you must have if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer. 

No Traffic = No Exposure = No Sale 

Therefore as an affiliate marketer, you must be good at driving traffic as your survival really depends on it. Many beginners or even some pros have the perception that driving targeted traffic is hard. Nothing can be further from the truth. Sometimes, traffic generation is being hyped up so much that make people think that they do not have the ability to drive targeted traffic.

10-Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic in 2021
10-Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic in 2021


In fact, you and me, or anyone can do it, as long as you remember one thing: Targeted traffic are visitors who are looking for solutions to their problems and you must provide solutions to them through your site. In other words, you need to determine what problem you wish to solve and then drive the right group of people to your site for the solution. 

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. In today’s post, let me share with you the top 10 ways to drive targeted traffic:


1. Article marketing. 

By writing and submitting your articles to various article directories, you can get more traffic to your website. Place your site URL in the byline of every article… if your articles are well-written, they will be distributed to other websites on the Internet which bring you even more traffic.

2. PPC advertising. 

Also known as pay-per-click advertising, you can bid on keywords and run your ads on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Running your PPC ads is free… you will only pay when someone clicks on your ads and visits your website.

3. Online press release. 

Online press release is quite similar to article marketing when it comes to the way it drives traffic to your website. Your press release will be distributed to various authority sites on the Internet and in return bringing more traffic to your site. However, your press release should be newsworthy and must follow a certain writing format in order to be accepted.

4. Search engine optimization. 

In short, it is known as SEO. When you optimize your site correctly, your site may get high organic rankings on search engines for important keywords.

5. Forums, bulletin boards, or other community channels. 

Participate in forums or other community channels that are related to the industry that you are in. You can place your site URL in your signature and it will be displayed every time you post a reply to a discussion thread. To find forums that are related to your industry, type in “your industry + forums” in Google.

6. Social networking site. 

Create your profile on popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, etc… and place your website URL on your profile page. Your objective is to network and know more friends through these networks. It is like how you network with people offline, the only difference this time is that you are now doing it online without meeting the people.

7. Social bookmarking. 

Submit your site to various social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Del.icio.us.

8. E-zine/newsletter advertising. 

You can buy advertising space in popular e-zines and newsletters. This is a very good way to leverage on other people list size… however, you must prepare to pay a reasonable amount of money.

9. Buying advertising space on other websites. 

Choose a website or blog that has the same target audience as you. Contact the webmaster/blogger and ask for his or her advertising rate. You can either buy a banner or text ad space on a site, depending on your budget.

10. Blogging. 

Set up a blog and talk about topics that are related to the industry that you are in. If your blog posts are useful, you will attract visitors and build your readership.

Bonus Tip: 

Are you on Twitter? Twitter is now the greatest place to know people, network and drive more traffic to your site.  So if you are not on Twitter, do create a Twitter account and start knowing more friends. 

Focus on 1 way to drive traffic and be good at it before you move on to learn other traffic generation techniques.

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