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5 Best Blogging Platform for beginners in 2020

5 Best Blogging Platform for beginners in 2020

For me, blogging is making money. You write content and you make money with it. No matter how old you are, how much experience do you hold in a field, do you have a degree or qualification with you?, Nobody cares about it. Write compelling content and you will get money flowing like nothing.
I started my journey a few years back, and here I am running another blog to guide people open one and earn like me from home or your own office, to know more about me, go to about page of this blog.
Before jumping into the list of best blogging platforms, I would like you to ask yourself, do you really want to spend your time in front of a computer and make money? If the answer is yes, then you should probably start today.
Our aim of making this post is to make people aware of blogging services which are free and has good features to expand your area of interest in blogging, to earn from writing content.
Creating a blog is easy as it gets, you will just need to fill 3-4 columns of information, like email id, username, and password, which will enable you to log into a dashboard, where you will get options to write content and publish your blog. The more time you spend exploring options and settings, you will be amazed how easy it is to manage a blog yourself.
In today’s world where Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest like social media giants prevail, one may thought that blogging may end in some time. But, believe when I say nothing is going to impact the way blogging is taking its shape.

5 Best Blogging Platform

With this thought in mind, I would like you to try these services for yourself and make sure you make a blog right away to get started.

1. ( Best Blogging Platform )

The best blog site where you have tons of options to help you build a successful blog. It has myriad of features, which help you to make your journey easier then ever. is a free service with upgrade options available with very reasonable rates. Though starting for the first time, you should consider using the free version.

5 Best Blogging Platform for beginners in 2020

WordPress has two platforms actually, one is which is a self-hosted blog and which doesn't require you to host the website, they do it for free. The free version comes with ads in content which are placed automatically.


Blogger is another great service provided by search engine giant Google. Google has made this platform very easy to learn and work with, with option of making money you can create your blog for free instantly.


This blogging platform is worth for people who wants to earn money with writing content and placing ads on the blog.


Tumblr created a lot of people actually start blogging from email and mobile phones, Just click a photo and upload or write content from your mobiles or tablets.


Tumblr with its powerful theming system is another good enough service to start your blog instantly.


Typepad makes your life easier when writing content and making your content to be reliable  with their services, it was free before and now it costs about $9 approx to start blogging with it.


With many features like WordPress this platform certainly gives WordPress a lot of competition.

5. Medium

A simple to start blogging for free with a twitter account. Created by the founder of  Twitter, this new kid on the block has certainly impressed with its simplicity. Although you cannot do much about the design part, you get an audience right away, which is great.


Mostly people who are into blogging or writing are into Medium, I feel its more of an content farms which give you lots of content and people can use it for linking purposes.
Do let us know which one these blogging platforms do you like the most if you have used them before. We will glad to see any comment.
5 Best Blogging Platform for beginners in 2020 5 Best Blogging Platform for beginners in 2020 Reviewed by Ankit Saini on June 29, 2020 Rating: 5


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