How To Attract Readers To Your Blog

How To Attract Readers To Your Blog

Article writing is often suggested as a way to market your product and your website. The truth is that, while article marketing works, it only works if people read your articles completely. But you can’t make people read your articles, right? You don’t have to use force. By using the tips below, you can make your articles irresistible and make sure they are visiting your website for more.

How To Attract Readers To Your Blog

1. Write about something in a unique way. 

While the old saying says “There is nothing new under the sun”, you can always write things in a fresh way that has been done a million times before. Do a quick search for your topic, and spot the overused topics; avoid writing about that yourself. Look for a unique angle on a topic and go with that. If you can’t, change your article into a first-person article. No one can duplicate your personal experiences, and if you write your article from that perspective you will be more likely to have people respond favorably to your article.

2. Be sure a market exists for the topic you are writing about. 

This can be tricky, because everyone imagines there to be a market for the subject of their work, or else they would not do it. People just do not know how to find out if there is a market. To do this, you must survey people in some form. Ask existing customers if they would be interested in your topic. You can also use the free keyword research tools out there to see if people are searching for the topic you want to write on. If the topic only receives a few dozen searches a day and doesn't seem to be trending upwards, forget it.

3. Use keywords to get search engine traffic.  

When you are writing your articles, use free keyword research tools to find out the most searched for words related to your topic. Then be sure to use those words in your articles. Don’t overdo it though. A lot of people stuff their article with so many keywords that it becomes unreadable. But remember that your ultimate goal is to attract readers to your site and your products. Is an unreadable article going to accomplish that? No, it won’t. Try to keep keyword density from about 2 to 3% in a 500-word article.

4. Write good articles with relevant information. 

Solve someone’s problem and the article will be a success. Always write with the customer in mind. Why would they want to read your article? Help them out and they will respond favorably.

5. Don’t try to put everything in one article.  
It will overwhelm and confuse your readers. Plus, they have your entire site to enjoy, not just this simple article. Stick to a clear outline, and if you have too much information, develop a series of articles that can cross-promote each other

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