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The 6 secrets to position an article in your blog on Google.

To position an article on your blog on Google there are more than 200 factors that influence when the search engine gives you a position.

"How? But in the image of this article, it is easy to position" And so it is ... forget about those 200 factors and specialize in the most important ... then over time, we will gradually file all those factors that influence the positioning of your blog on Google.

Google is the best search engine in the world or at least the most used because people rely on this search engine to find what they are looking for. That users continue to think this of Google is for this great corporation the most important, since the main source of income of this internet giant comes from the ads that are displayed in the searches.

A person when connecting on the internet does the following:
  • Enter your email
  • Watch your social networks
  • Search for the information you need to know

When people use a search engine they do it to search for news, videos, forums, blogs, reviews, product comparison, prices and finally buy something. Can you imagine that when someone searches for something your blog article was among the first search results? The benefits are multiple ... from getting subscribers to our newsletters, advertising revenue or even sales of our info products.

What is the most important thing you should know about SEO or web positioning in Google?

Seo and Google

As you can see in the image we will not go into technical things, that is, we will not enter into those 200 factors that influence the positioning of a web page or a blog on Google. This can be dominated by everyone and it should be noted that they are the most important factors when Google grants a position in the search results to your blog or their articles. Without this ... the incoming links or the loading time of the page will not help.


Both the title, the URL and the description of the article must contain the keywords by which we want it to be found on Google. For example, for the search " youtube fan search " you will see that all those words appear in bold in the 3 parts mentioned above.


When I read some blog articles that I follow or watch videos on YouTube, I perceive in some the little creativity they have when it comes to title things, as if they charge for words at the time of writing.

A title must fulfill the function of informing and at the same time the function of persuading ... so that you see two examples, one is the one that appears in the image above and another is that of this article that you are reading.


The URL should be reduced to a minimum, that is, you must remove all those words or characters that do not have the keywords.


The description must complete all the information that we cannot give in the title. In turn, it has to be brief, precise, informative and persuasive. For example, in the image, you can see how I ask questions that people may have about the information they are looking for. And another example is the description of this article:

  • Positioning an article in your blog is not as difficult as you think, you just have to know the most basic SEO secrets in Google. Are you going to miss them?


The articles in our blog have to be designed to retain readers until the end. Articles may contain images, advertisements, videos and should have flashy subtitles that make it visually appealing and orderly. 

This article, without this last one, the first thing that the subconscious of a person who is going to read it would think is "often tostón" and the most probable thing is that it is going to look for the information to another side.


The articles today are the ones that give the greatest positioning power in the Google search engine and therefore it is essential to get links to our articles, from other articles that are well-positioned in Google.

No need to wait for third parties to link our articles, we can do it ourselves. For example, with the section " RELATED ARTICLES " that I put at the end of them, I am getting more people to enter through Google in the article where I talk about how to uninstall sweet page from our computers. And as you have just seen, you can also link your articles by integrating them into the text.

EYE! The ideal when it comes to getting links is that they come from a completely different domain from ours, however, internal positioning is a factor that influences and is available to anyone.

Fulfilling these 6 tactics or factors, without doing anything else you will position your articles in Google ... maybe not in the top positions, but on the first search page for terms that are not very competitive. If people click on your articles from the search engine, they stay on your blog and make page movements ... this will make your articles upload more positions on Google. But well, that is already getting into those more than 200 factors that influence Google to grant positioning.

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