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Some Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

Some Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

It's funny that when you come up with an interesting topic to write about, in which you could then be writing hours and hours, you never know how to start. You stop to think, write the first sentence, then delete it and write another, delete it again until you hit the code and then the fingers flow through the keyboard to create a text that can be worth reading. Does this happen to you too?

Some Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

Well now that I have spathened my head and fingers type letters without stopping, let's get to the point. Today we live in a society that likes to have it all done, that is, on the internet, it prefers to see images instead of reading. But in the case of blogs, those who write the most interesting and most successful articles are also those that have a larger extension. So how do they do it? How is it possible that a reader can be reading an article concentrated for 6 minutes and then be so satisfied to have read it, that he has the need to share it on social networks with his acquaintances? Well, in my personal opinion, this is what needs to be done to retain a reader until the end of the article and then share the information you just read, take into account the search engines to position ) or interact with the possible publicity you may have and in the end, you generate a small income.

The title of the article must be precise, concise and impressive.

Do not misunderstand me the shocking word, by this I mean that when a reader reads the title of an article, either in the email newsletter, on social networks, it is found in search engines or on the cover of the blog or web ... this one decides to enter and read the article I call that an impact, because I don't know what it is that some of them were already thinking of putting the word impressive or incredible in the title.

The article must be schematized. 

Many people first do when they read an article in an unknown blog, what they do is look at the extent of it. If it is short, many will not give it importance, since the subconscious part of our brain knows that little valuable information can contain. However, if it is too long, you can drop your soul at your feet and simply start reading the first lines without interest and end up leaving it. To prevent an extensive and good article from going overboard, you have to avoid leaving the text without colors and without images. And we return to the subconscious, when we see a very large text and only see letters on a white background, our brain refuses to read it because it thinks it will be a boring text. That is why you have to liven up the article with a good image at the beginning and then use the bold and bold color that is consistent and in harmony with your blog, to differentiate each section of the article. Surely if the first sentence of this paragraph you are reading would have put it in red, instead of blue, it would hurt the view, right?

Write the same way you speak.

People do not seek experts, they do not seek wise wise gurus, that is also rejected by the subconscious of our brain. People seek to feel comfortable with themselves, seek equals with whom to talk and understand. What I want to do with this, then very simple, you should try to set aside the technical language unintelligible and write in the same way you speak. You must make readers think that they are reading a person and not a machine without feelings. And if something goes through your mind, even if it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the main topic of the article, write it down too. Thus the reader can be reflected with the writer. An example of what I am saying can be found in the first paragraph of this article.

Watch the spelling.

One of the things that frighten a reader the most is spelling mistakes. You can always sneak a small errata, but confuse the b with the v, the g with the jo you put an h where you should not ... a reader does not forgive him. If someone is reading and finds a flagrant lack of spelling, the subconscious of a person the first thing they think is "If you can not write, what valuable information will you give me?". That is why the capital sin of a writer is to publish something without reviewing it once finished. Take your time to correct spelling mistakes, bad expressions or tildes ... although as much as a text is reviewed, sometimes something always escapes us.

·         I know that I am heavy with the subconscious, but precisely if you want to retain a reader until the end, you have to know how to master that subconscious of who is reading you, who is giving you valuable time to consume the text you have created.

Go openly to your community.

A mistake that we often make those who write, at least in my case, is that when I am writing I sometimes treat you to the reader and shortly after you. I always try to try to plure the readers, simply by making the reader appear to be within a community. This goes to everyone's perception, but when I read something and they treat me about you in the text, my subconscious tells me that I am only in a small place. However, when I read something and the writer talks about the readers in plura, it gives me the feeling of being in a big place, where people have passed before me and where they will pass after me. Does the same thing happen to you?

Well, the article is over and if you are reading these words is that bad advice I have not just given you, right? Because in this article I tried to apply on your subconscious, everything I just told you.

And now that it occurs to me, to finish a good article you have to try to avoid goodbyes, that is, do not finish it without more and make the reader feel that soon you will be showing another interesting article and that so that they do not miss it, they can follow you on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, who can meet you and even know how you talk on the YouTube channel, and that if they don't want to miss the next article on your website, they can subscribe via email to your page. In that case, it is advisable to have a form (like the one I have on the right side of your screen) so that whoever decides to deliver your email can do so with total comfort.

Finally, it is advisable to call the action, that is, when you finish something, tell the readers to share what they have just seen or read. It never hurts to remind the subconscious of the reader, although I am not in favor of that. I never liked to be told what I have to do, so I prefer everyone to share what they think they have to share.
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  1. This is such a great post. It's a good reminder on how to write well for others. Thanks.


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