How to make money on YouTube

How to make money on YouTube

This article is divided into 4 parts and you will be able to read it. These 4 parts are:

1.   How you make money on YouTube. 
2. When it is convenient to become a YouTube partner, prevent the suspension of earning revenue on the channel and what to do when you disable the YouTube account to earn money. 
3.   If it is better to be a YouTube partner by monetizing videos with Google Adsense or becoming a partner with a network
4.   What are the best networks in my personal opinion? 

How to make money on YouTube

    Although it seems a lie, many do not yet know how YouTube generates the money that it distributes with its partners and this one ... is only generated by the consumption of advertising in the videos. The types of advertising that exist are: 

·     The advertising banners that appear on the bottom of the video itself or on the right side outside the video. These ads only generate revenue if someone clicks on the banner. 

·  The true view ads are the advertising videos that come out at the beginning of the videos and that can be omitted after 5 minutes, although it is true that some can not be omitted and you have to see them if you want to watch the video. These videos only generate revenue if they are not omitted, the entire ad is seen or 30 seconds from it if it lasts longer. 


   If there is no advertising consumption in reproduction, no income will be generated. Now ... if you ask me how many reproductions are needed to generate 1,000 dollars in a month ... I would not know how to say for the following reasons: 

·    The theme of the videos ... for example the theme that we are dealing with in this video (bottom) generates twice as much revenue as a horror video the reason may be the keywords chosen by advertisers in their advertising campaigns. 

·   The origin of the reproductions ... for example in my channel 1,000 reproductions from Spain generate 1.34 dollars, however, 1,000 reproductions from Mexico generate 0.64 dollars on average. There are countries such as Honduras or Venezuela where there are hardly any ads in the videos and leave just over 10 cents per 1,000 reproductions. 

·    Seasonality ... at Christmas, the beginning of summer vacations or a great sporting event worldwide, the income can be doubled by the same reproductions, as if it were a month of January or February or summer departure, which is usually when there is less investment by advertisers. 

·         The devices that play the videos ... the reproductions that generate more revenue come from the computer ... mobile phones, ipads or tablets usually show a lower% of ads on videos. 

When it is convenient to become a partner 

When you start on YouTube and know that you have the possibility of making money with videos, you want to monetize them from the beginning ... and that is a fatal mistake. My recommendation is that you wait for your channel to generate more than 300 daily views for a simple reason.

·         When we have a very small channel, it is almost always the same people who watch the videos ... which encourages these same people to always consume the ads ... if we do not reach new people and it is always the same people who watch the videos ... Google can interpret that we have made a group to consume advertising (remember that this is not measured by a person, measured by an algorithm that lacks any feeling) and what you will do is close the account of Adsense and disable the YouTube channel to obtain income for alleged invalid clicks.

·         Another reason for cancellation is to monetize gameplays or covers with Google Adsense, if or if to monetize this kind of videos, the channel must be associated with a network.

·         And finally, another reason for the cancellation of revenue on the channel is to put links in the description of the videos to download sites where there may be illegal material or adfly links ... 
To get the extra features of YouTube such as custom thumbnails or upload videos longer than 15 minutes, just check the YouTube channel with a mobile phone. So I tell you from the heart ... pay attention to the previous advice ... first win an audience that sees your videos that is the hardest thing, that to monetize the videos you will have time. 

You do not know the number of people who have written me completely desolate to whom they have disabled the channel to earn money on YouTube for these reasons. And if by chance you have disabled the channel to obtain the income you have two possibilities: 
- Wait 6 months for the sanction to expire or open a channel and start over. 

How to become a YouTube partner

To monetize the videos, you just have to activate the income in the configuration of our YouTube channel, register an account in Google Adsense and associate it with our YouTube channel. In the Google help pages.

Unless you have a gameplays or cover the channel, I recommend you forget the networks for the moment for a simple reason ...

·         Google keeps 45% of the revenue generated by the videos and the rest goes to the partners ...

·         If you associate your channel with a network, 45% would continue to be for Google, but the remaining 55% would no longer be for the partners since the networks would remain a small% of that 65% so the partner would charge less money. 
So if you create videos and have the copyright, that is, the rights to use all the elements of the video, I recommend you start monetizing the videos with Adsense. The only advantage you will have is that you will earn some more money ... on the contrary, you will be alone in the face of doubts or problems ... because Youtube does not have support so that you can consult anything. 

Now do not pay attention to those who demonize networks, the only drawback of networks is that they keep part of the money generated by your videos ... For example, I have associated the channel to VISO and I am very happy with them. 

The reason why I associated my channel to a network is that when I monetized the videos with Adsense, YouTube asked me for the right to use the music I used in my videos ... therefore I wasted a lot of time demonstrating the rights, I that made me lose income in the first days of uploads of the videos and despite demonstrating the rights of use, sometimes I never monetized some videos ... I got fed up with this situation and decided to associate my channel with a network and from then all the videos I upload I can monetize them from the beginning ... 

But the networks or at least the best ones offer you support to solve problems, you can consult your doubts, they keep you up to date with YouTube updates and they provide you with tools to optimize your channel. 

However, there are several urban legends about networks that I would like to deny:

·         The networks cannot pay in the Hispanic market a fixed CPM of for example 2 dollars per thousand reproductions that show ads ... as we saw in the first part of the article the CPM is very variable ... so distrust the networks and recruiters They offer fixed cpms. 
·         The networks do not protect you from copyright, we must always use elements of image and sound of which we have the rights or we can demonstrate their use of licenses.

·    Networks are not going to help you get to know, or provide more views or subscribers. Only your good work and your work on YouTube will. 
To collect the money if we monetize the videos with Google AdSense, we will receive the money by bank transfer, if we are with a network they will transfer the money to Paypal. In many Latin American countries, economic policies are very restrictive with respect to the dollar and the banks of certain countries do not allow to receive money from Adsense or Paypal ... if you are in that situation you will need to use the Payoneer card to receive the money

What are the best networks 

Remember that in the first place it is better not to associate your channels with a network, only if you have a gameplays, covers channel or has problems in the monetization of videos with Google Adsense as was my case ... but you can forget about networks completely. 

In the previous part, I told you the advantages, disadvantages of networks with respect to monetizing videos with Google Adsense. Now ... be very careful of the new networks that offer the " gold and the Moor " ... because they are usually those that they do not fulfill absolutely anything they offer ... take into account the urban legends that are generated around networks and pay attention to the contract you sign. 

Networks such as VISO, TGN, Machinima, Fullscreen, Mitu or SteelHaul are serious companies that comply with payments, have good support to solve doubts or problems and have platforms for their partners, to help them optimize the channel. With this, I do not mean that there are no other good networks that do their job well, but I only talk about those companies where there are channels that I know and keep in touch. 

I think that little more can I add on this topic ... if you have any questions you can leave it below in the comments and I will gladly try to answer you.


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