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When a blog or website is new, it is as if it were a small island in the middle of a vast ocean and therefore nobody will see the blog. But before starting to build bridges so that visitors start arriving from different places, we must take into account several aspects:

How to increase blog traffic fast
how to increase blog traffic fast

1.   The design of the page must be professional and visible correctly in all browsers.
2.   The page should load as quickly as possible.
3.   The blog can be updated as often as it is, but every time it is updated it must have quality content.
4.   Better a paid domain than a generic one.
5.   The blog title or page must contain the words by which we want to be found in search engines. The fewer words, the more effective the title will be.

First links from social networks

social networks

Having clear the previous points, with the same name as the blog you have to open a profile on Google Plus, on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Linkedin, on Pinterest and on all possible social networks. Although we are not going to exploit the potential of all social networks (with Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter more than enough) the question is to link all those profiles of the networks with our blog or website. In this way, the first links to our blog will arrive, an essential step for Google to start indexing all the pages of the blog in its search engine.

Blogs and forums


Then you have to frequent blogs that we like to read and in which we can leave comments where we can link to our blog. Thanks to this we can get links so that the search engines have us more into consideration (no matter if these links are follow or nofollow) and the readers of that blog can enter our page that way. Then we have the forums, in which we can insert a link to our blog from the profile and from the signature. The same happens with blogs, the links will give us more relevance in the face of Google and the readers of those forums themselves will enter our blog through the signature. In both avoid spam.

The best types of links


For the following, I will use the pages of my brothers-in-law to explain an example to you and thus I give you a hand. Before leaving the links in this way or it is better to leave them like this Integral Psychology in Gijón or Topography in Asturias. In this way, the search engines and especially Google will rank the pages by those search terms. 

Google currently does not give this much importance, so as long as we do not get quality links or websites with a reputation on the network, it is better not to waste time in obtaining links.

Social networks


For what has been said in the previous section, Google is increasingly giving more importance to people and their ratings and not only does Google Plus serve as a determining factor when classifying the relevance of a page. The likes on Facebook retweets on Twitter and all mentions on social networks will help to grow.

But not only you have to see social networks as something that gives us more relevance to Google. Facebook and Twitter has enough weight to be able to provide a blog or website with more visits than a search engine and that will already depend on the weight we have on these networks. Want to know how to get more followers on Facebook?

Youtube and video platforms


After Google, the second search engine in the world is YouTube and its use is on the rise. People use YouTube as a method of entertainment, but they also prefer to look for something to watch on video, rather than read it. Google knows this and that is why it better positions videos, rather than articles ... well, not only because of that, YouTube belongs to Google and if you consume YouTube along with its advertising, you will not consume the advertising of an external web page.

But to the point ... YouTube can provide links to a blog not only from your channel but also from each video. For me, the weight that YouTube has for the traffic of this page is such that if I deleted it, 70% of the visits would go away. Do you want to watch my YouTube channel?

Subscribers by email

To end this little general review, something very important is to make a list of subscribers in the blog. Recently I started using Mailchimp for it ... in this way you give the opportunity to all those people who visit your page for the first time, to be readers of all the new publications that will make them reach the inbox of their emails. This traffic is the most effective and loyal.

 Directories of links, articles and link exchange


You will find a lot of outdated information talking about this to improve your positioning in Google. Do not waste time on it, far from assuming a benefit can harm you.

I'm surprised how SEO or web positioning companies still use this to position their customers.

How to generate revenue in a new blog


There are many companies to make money with a blog or a website, however, nobody shadows Google Adsense. So to all who are starting and have a page with little traffic, I would only place ads for this company.

Where to place the ads?

1.   On the right side of the web, right-handed people insitively when they are reading and hold the mouse by hand always have the cursor on that part. 
2.   Under the title as it is the first thing people read.
3.   At the end of the articles because when you read something and want to know more, those ads can be that alternative to continue researching on the subject. 
 Google Adsense offers ads related to the subject of the article or the browser’s visit history.

How should the ads be?

1. Text ads whose lyrics must be in harmony and integrated into the page. We must remove black or colored borders.
2.   Image ads that will display images instead of text.
3.   Video ads that, as the name implies, will display a video.
The most advisable sizes are those of 300x250, 336x280, and 728x90 but the question is to try until you find what is most effective for us.

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