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Types of content that will increase your site visit

Types of content that will increase your site visit

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to these 10 types of content and I will explain how to produce these content (though you should keep in mind when it comes to content, I mean exactly the content of the blog, not the product page of the site Or contact page).


  Learn about 10 types of content that increase site visits!

To prepare this list, I spent a couple of days working with a number of colleagues to analyze Google search results. In this research, we tried to consider the featured keywords, our visitor websites, and the performance of our blog so we can get a variety of results As a result of this research, we encountered 10 types of content production that could increase site visits. Of course, I have to point out that in fact, there are 11 types of content in this list, which is the eleventh item, so unconventional.
In addition, you do not need to use all of these 10 types of content creation methods on your website, but I suggest that you consider a few of these ten types of content on your website by reviewing your work field and the needs of your users.
Also, I tried to give an example for each of these types of generated content. You may be familiar with some of the items in this list:
1. Blog posts and posts that are regularly published or updated. Like the article, there is an increase in site visits without linking links in the new blog.
2. Permanent short articles or evergreen content, such as the legacy SEO article that I shared with your loved ones last week.
3. Photo galleries and info-graphics. During the research, we found that many articles that introduce different models of a concept use this method to generate their own content (such as comparing SEO with Google ads).

4. Long articles. For example, I suggest that you read the 10 Psychology Techniques for more sales.

5. Content that provides accurate and detailed information to users. The key factors for ranking a site on Google is a good example for this type of article.
6. Landing pages with classified content. This item is not itself a content. For example, by searching for the keyword “kitchen design” on Google, you might encounter a landing page that categorizes different types of kitchen design or leads you to this page. For example, see the landing page for HGTV.
7. Content and interactive tools that involve the reader. I suggest that you visit the Post Click Marketing website to better understand this.

8. A multi-seasonal guide, such as the Bilding Link Guide, published on Novin’s blog.

9. Illustration of complex information or data, such as the CNN site, which illustrates the results of the US election well.
10. video. Aparat website videos, YouTube, or any video shareable on the website

Research has shown us that the use of these 10 types of content can lead to increased site visits

Of course, as I mentioned above, there is also an eleventh item, which I do not recommend using to all content marketers.

It’s likely that you’ve encountered a PDF or Powerpoint file by clicking on one of the search result links. In fact, the eleventh item in this list is the use of PDF and Powerpoint files.

We do not recommend using these files for all content providers for several reasons:

1. It is difficult to review and analyze the content of these files for the search engine.
2. These files are not displayed correctly on most mobile phones.
4. In search results, it’s not easy to rank blog posts (if you see such files at the top of the search results, it’s best to know their presence depends on many factors).
3. These files are not user-friendly.
When you invest in one or more of the top 10 types of content, you can hope that your content format is familiar to the user and that it will also perform well in search results.
What kind of content should we use for our website?
Well, here’s the basic question: what type of content should you use for your website? This is exactly what we do in modern times. When we ask about SEO, digital marketing, or any other relevant content for content, we ask ourselves about this.
I must tell you before answering this question you should be able to find an answer to the following three questions: What is the searcher’s intention? What is he looking for in search results? 
In general, one of the top 10 types of content can not help him if the user intends to find a place or perform a financial transaction. But if the user is looking for information (which is a huge amount of searches done in search engines for that reason), this method of content creation is exactly defined for him.
Producing meaningful content helps the user get acquainted with your brand, in addition to obtaining accurate information. At this point, your content should turn a regular searcher into a permanent audience.
Most people usually search Google for the following reasons:
1. Find a quick and quick answer
2. Compare accurate two or more products / services
3. A detailed review of a product or service
4. Some users are only searching for curiosity. For example, I searched Google for last week’s “All Tom Hanks movie”. On the Tom Hanks movie list, there were some titles that I had not heard before. That’s why I decided to watch these films at the right time. All of this was just because I searched Google for curiosity.
5. Scientific and professional interests
Of course, the reasons for Internet users’ search do not end there. The most important thing is to ask yourself. Most people looking for these reasons are looking for what they are looking for. At that time, you can generate user-generated content.

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