What is GBWhatsapp? How to download it?

What is GBWhatsapp? How to download it?

GBWhatsapp: Because of the word Whatsapp, you can guess that it is something related to WhatsApp. This information is of your use, so let's know what GBWhatsapp is, what are its features and how to download it.

GB Whatsapp is a new version created by WhatsApp. This app, made by Whatsapp, looks exactly like Whatsapp but it has been landed in the market by adding some amazing features to it.
All the apps that we use have some limitations, within the scope of which we use them, but the versions that are made are made without any rules, which provide you a lot of conveniences.


Features of GBWhatsapp:

  1. WhatsApp allows you to send videos up to 16 MB only, but in GBWhatsapp you can send videos up to 50 MB easily.
  2. In WhatsApp, you can send only 30 photos simultaneously but using GBWhatsapp you can send more than 100 photos simultaneously.
  3. In GBWhatsapp, you can hide not only your last scene, typing status, status, profile but also double-ticks and blue-ticks.
  4. If you are bored with the theme of WhatsApp, then you can change it here and you can talk in more than 100 languages, these features are also not in WhatsApp.
  5. You can use 2 WhatsApp in one phone using GBWhatsapp.
  6. When you see someone's status in WhatsApp, that man can see that he has seen his status, but in GBWhatsapp, you can also remove your name from that list.
  7. You can also set up auto-reply in GBWhatsapp, ie this app can talk to your friend even in your absence.
  8. You can also set a schedule for any wart-like it is not necessary to remember now to wish a friend's birthday, this will automatically make your friend wish.
Now there is no opinion that this app will completely change the way you use WhatsApp.

Is GBWhatsapp Safe and Secure?

It is safe in 95% of the cases, but it would be absolutely wrong to say that there is no trust because your phone has a lot of apk files you can use it in the same way.

How to install GBWhatsapp on Android phones?

Android phone is committed to download you only from the official play store but you can download it from other sources by making some settings. To do this, find Setting >> Security >> unknown source and allow it to be enabled.
Install GBWhatsapp apk file that has been downloaded. Then operate it exactly as is done on WhatsApp.
Through GBWhatsapp, you can increase your existing feature available on WhatsApp and enjoy them. On first use, it will make your hair stand up because it has very lotus features. This app is very good, you can use it according to your convenience.

Click Here  To Download GBWhatsapp.
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