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Whatsapp released new feature

Whatsapp released new feature

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app worldwide. It is used by 150 crore people all over the world. Recently, instant messaging app WhatsApp is releasing a new feature. Indian users have also started getting these features. Earlier also, we had told you about this new feature, then it was being tested. Actually, this feature of WhatsApp has been made to control fake news and rumors.

Whatsapp released new feature

WhatsApp's new feature (For Forwarded) is for messages. This feature will be given to Android and iPhone users. Under this feature, users will be able to know what is the frequency of getting message forward. This label will appear on forward messages made more than five times.

This feature has been given in the latest version WhatsApp. WhatsApp has already started a label on forwarded messages. It shows a single arrow, which means that these messages are forwarded. Now a new label has started. It is labeled Double Arrow.

WhatsApp has said that the company limits forward messages to maintain privacy and intimacy on WhatsApp. Message forward can only be made to five people at a time. If a user forwards a message more than five times, double Arrow will be labeled here. The number of times a message is forwarded is end to end encrypted.
A WhatsApp spokesperson said, "We have recently released an update to our forward message label that will help people recognize that received messages have been forwarded multiple times." More frequently forwarded messages will be marked with double arrows and if users forward it, they will also see a notice.

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