Google Docs, Sheets or Forms will be open in one click, use these ShortCuts

We all use Google's services. From office to college projects are done on Docs, Sheets and Forms. Google's Docs, Sheets and Forms are one of the most popular processing services today. People use these apps on a daily basis. These services also provide many features to the users. However, many steps have to be followed to create a new document in it. To make things easier, Google has added a new feature through which any docs, sheets or forms can be easily created. Through this shortcut, users will not have to create a new file by going to Google Drive.

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Prerequisites for this shortcut:

Internet connectivity

Google account

Windows, Mac or Chrome OS devices

Use the following shortcuts:

1. To use this feature, you must type the following shortcuts on the address bar of the browser.

2. Open the browser for Google Docs and type, or in the address bar. This will create new Google Docs.

3. For Google Sheets you will have to write, or in the browser. This will create new Google Sheets.

4. For Google Sites you have to write or on your browser. From here you will also get design specifications for the new website.

5. To open a new slide in Google Slides, type,, or in the browser. With this you will be able to open a new slideshow.

6. For Google Forms, or has to be typed. By doing this, Google Forms can be easily opened with a single click. 

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