Whatsapp Scam: 1000GB Data Offer Message False, Avoid

Whatsapp Scam: 
Most of you people will use Instant Multimedia Messaging app Whatsapp. In such a situation, you will have many types of messages every day. Anything spreads through whatsapps spreads rapidly and rumors are used to take advantage of the same thing. Many of you will be the one who has got a message of getting 1000 GB free data. So what is the truth of this message and you really will get 1000 GB data? Let's know.

The message is being said that WhatsApp is giving 1000GB of free Internet to its users. A link is also being given to claim the data with this message. The message is being said that the company is offering this offer after 10 years of whatsapp is completed.

The link that comes with the message is also fake. The URL of the link is different from whatsapp domain. In this case, the information given by you on this link can be used in Third Party Promotion. Apart from this, using this link can be done by installing an app on your phone and taking a bank decode and you can get cheated. In this case, clicking on this link is not free from danger.
Whatsapp has said about this message clearly, the company is not providing any free data and this message is completely flipped. Whatsapp has said that you do not rely on this message and do not give any information by clicking on the link.
According to welivesecurity researchers, there is no evidence yet that hackers are installing viruses in the phone via the link given to this message, but it is important for you to have any personal information Do not share with it.

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